Club Rules

The following rules and regulations are for the protection and benefit of all members. These rules have been established to assure safe and sanitary operation of the swim club facilities. Failure to comply with these rules shall be considered sufficient cause for immediate suspension of Club privileges for the offending member, and can also be considered, if sufficiently serious, cause for cancellation of membership.

  • BHAC is open from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day.
  • The Club may open prior to Memorial Day and remain open after Labor Day for swim team and tennis team purposes.
  • The Club opens daily during the summer from 10 am to 9 pm. The Club maintains limited operating hours between Memorial Day and the last day of school at Birmingham Public Schools. These hours will be posted on the Club’s website,
  • The pool will be closed for swim meets and special events prior to the start of the event. Times and dates will be posted.
  • When health, safety or weather conditions so require, the Manager, at his/her discretion, may close or suspend operation of club facilities.
  • Automobiles must not be operated over 5 mph on the club premises or entrance roadway.
  • Bicycle riders and pedestrians must use only the sidewalk and bicycle entrance.
  • Bicycles must be parked in racks so that sidewalks are kept clear.
  • All members must check in at the Potter’s Booth for admission.
  • All guests must be registered by a member before entering and each guest privilege used will be recorded.
  • The charge per guest is $5.00. Children under 2 are free.
  • Grandparents may visit the pool with their grandchildren without payment of guest fees.
  • A babysitter/nanny, at least 16 years of age, accompanying member’s children without the adult member present, will be permitted without payment of guest fees. If adult member is present, the babysitter/nanny must be signed is as a guest with guest fees charged.
  • No one under the age of 13 may bring a guest without an adult member present.
  • Guest fees will be posted to the member’s account. If a member terminates their membership prior to paying guest fees, the fees will be deducted from equity money owed them.
  • No loud, rough or boisterous conduct or activities shall be allowed including the use of obscene or profane language.
  • No playing of radios at loud, objectionable noise levels.
  • No pets on Club grounds.
  • No smoking on Club grounds.
  • The cost of any malicious property damage will be charged to the responsible member.
  • Life guards have the authority to ask any member to leave the Club if the member is causing any type of disturbance, argument or involved in any inappropriate behavior.
  • Food or refreshments may be consumed only under the pavilion or picnic areas.
  • All persons are responsible for clearing their own debris and trash and placing in proper receptacles.
  • No alcoholic beverages are permitted on Club grounds.
  • No glass containers are permitted on Club grounds.
  • All persons shall use the Club facilities at their own risk. The Club will not be responsible for any accident or injury, loss or damage to persons or property.
  • Lost and Found is located behind the office.
  • Children under 12 years of age will not be permitted onto the Club premises unless accompanied by an adult with the exception of swim and tennis team members during regularly scheduled practices.
  • Children under 10 years of age must be supervised by an adult at all times including playground, tennis and restroom areas.
  • Use of the kiddie pool shall be limited to children 8 years of age and under, supervised by a parent or guardian within the enclosed pool area at all times.
  • Food and beverages, with the exception of water, are prohibited from the pool area.
  • Sand from the playground area is prohibited from the pool area.
  • All persons must shower before entering the pool from the playground area.
  • Children who are not completely toilet trained are required to use swim diapers in the kiddie pool.
  • Children must be at least 4 years old to use the main pool. No exceptions.
  • Swim diapers are not allowed in the main pool. Any member responsible for fecal contamination of the main pool will be liable for the cost of decontaminating the pool, up to $600.00 per incident. Repeat violations may result in suspension of pool privileges or termination of membership.   
  • Food or beverages, with the exception of water, are not permitted in the enclosed pool area.
  • Floating aids, inflatable toys, face masks, snorkels and other accessories are not permitted.
  • Water wings are not permitted. Only U.S. Coast Guard approved flotation devices are allowed.
  • Sand from the playground area/volleyball pit is prohibited from the pool area.
  • Diving area is restricted to divers only, except when the diving boards are closed, which will be designated at the discretion of the life guard.
  • Only one person may be on the diving board at any time.
  • A person on the diving board must wait for the area under the board to clear before diving.
  • A lane for swimming laps will be provided at the discretion of the Manager.
  • All swimmers must take a shower using warm water and soap before entering the pool.
  • Admission may be refused to anyone having skin abrasions, infections, colds, inflamed eyes, or bandages.
  • Spitting, blowing nose or otherwise polluting the swimming pool water is prohibited.
  • There will be no playing on the roof of the play structure, walking up the slide, or rough playing.
  • Sand is to remain in designated areas. Throwing of sand is not permitted.
  • Pulling on the volleyball net is prohibited.
  • The tennis courts, with the exception of the half practice court, are to be used solely for tennis purposes.
  • Food and beverages, with the exception of water, are not allowed on the tennis courts.
  • Tennis shoes must be worn on the tennis courts at all times. No bare feet allowed.
  • Courts are available on a first come, first serve basis.
  • Parties must be planned in advance with the Manager who will inform member of date availability and additional rules regarding private parties.
  • Daily guest fees and privileges apply and are charged as stated in Section 3, Guest Privileges.
  • The Club will remain open during parties

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